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     Hampton Beach State Park is located in southern New Hampshire and divided into two sections, Main Beach and North Beach. Main Beach is approximately 1.5 miles in length. Main Beach is more populated, and undoubtedly the most populated beach in the North East. Main Beach can sub-divided into two sections: South Beach (Posts 2-6) and the Main Beach proper (Posts 7-14). North Beach (Posts 15-19) is geographically seperated from Main Beach by Great Boar's Head and is also roughly 1.5 miles in length.

     Hampton Beach is a seasonal resort Memorial through Labor Day although, population statistics rival most major beach resorts in the country. During a typical summer day, the Hampton Beach Patrol Surf Rescue (HBPSR) provides service for 50-75,000 people, on Main Beach. Beach-goers are a conglomeration of different socio economic groups from a variety of cities, towns, states, and countries.

     The HBPSR has a fleet of three vehicles equipped with police package sirens, LED emergency luminaries, and PA loudspeakers. Each of these vehicles is stocked with an AED and first aid supplies. Two of the vehicles are equipped with rescue paddle boards, and all are equipped with rescue cans (torps). These vehicles are an essential part of the operation. They make it possible to respond rapidly and safely to emergency situations, to patrol the soft sand to address a myriad of issues, and to provide a presence on all portions of Main Beach. This is essential for the dynamic nature of Hampton Beach.

     Communications are of vital importance. Lifeguards are equipped with portable radios and are to able to inform Base, or a neighboring post, of any situation within their areas of operation. This is critical for all aspects of the HBPSR's services. In addition, inter-agency communications, co-operative training, of the HBPSR and the Town of Hampton's Fire and Police Departments have made great advances in recent years. This has been benefical to all involed, and utimatley the public.

     The HBPSR has approxiemtly 18 lifeguards on the main beach. With a population that can reach roughly 70,000 on the sand alone teamwork is essential. This ratio illustrates a glaring deficiency of personnel to population. However, the HBPSR will always strive to ensure the public's safety and Hampton Beach State Park's continued success as a top beach within the United States.

Patrick Murphy, August 2014.
North Beach. Click map.
Main Beach. Click map.
Looking North, from 10, Click picture.
Nick Africano, July 2015.