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The Hampton Beach Patrol Surf Rescue (HBPSR) is led by the Chief of Lifeguards, James Donahue, who has served since 1959 as a lifeguard at Hampton Beach. His extensive experience and knowledge of weather patterns, ocean science, and Hampton Beach is unmatched. At of the close of the 2015 summer season, Donahue has had 57 seasons of beach patrol experience at Hampton. He will remain at the helm for the 2016 season and beyond.


Alex Valhouli is the Captain of the HBPSR. Valhouli has served Hampton's shoreline since 1987. He was promoted to Head Lifeguard (Captain) in 2009. Valhouli revitalized the HBPSR's vigorous physical training regimen and instituted higher physical standards. He has not forgotten the past but built upon it with much success. In 2014 he established the corps of veteran guards to enhance beach operations.


Patrick Murphy is a Captain of the HBPSR. Murphy is credited with successfully restructuring the operation's patrol, which has resulted in improved coverage and response to address a myriad of situations. Further, at Captain Valhouli's direction, Murphy instituted a system of team leadership that relies upon a corps of veteran guards to ensure directives and support are better brought to the squad. In addition, he organized teams to compete at Northern New England Lifesaving Competition since 2013; and organized the event at Hampton Beach in 2015. Hampton placed 2nd in 2013 and won the events in both 2014 and 2015.


The corps of veteran guards consists of Daniel Ryan, Patrick Casey, Nick Africano, and Jeremy Schmidt. They provide oversight and respond to provide assistance and support for their co-workers. In addition, they help teach the skills and knowledge necessary for effective lifeguard operations at Hampton Beach. This results in a safer enviornment, a betterment of the public's beach experience, improved resource protection, an enhancement of overall teamwork, and a better educated team.


The Architect. Jeff Kelley is responsible for bringing the lifeguarding operation at Hampton Beach into the modern age. He has toiled tirelessly and obtained a fleet of vehicles and other equipment necessary to effectively carry-out lifeguard operations. His efforts and persistent pursuits of operational improvement continue to provide the HBPSR with ever improving equipment and resources. In addition, Kelley’s focus upon inter-operability between state and town agencies has resulted in improved communications, operations, training, working relations, and has benefited all - and ultimately the public.

Chief of Lifeguards,
James Donahue.
Jeff Kelley
Leland Brennan